Wednesday, October 23, 2013

High (on) Camp.

You don't smell like you.  This was my greeting from the five year old on my return home after five days away.  The longest I have ever been gone from her.  What I didn't tell her was that despite the change in my smell, I was more like me than I have been for a long time.  Not her idea of me - not mommy me. Me me.

I know that I need to go away and be an adult more often than I do. I remember each time that I do - how important it is.  I went to big girl sleep away camp - genius idea.  We spend months seeking out great summer camps for our kids - our kids come back brimming with excitement and joy from their experiences, why not give that to ourselves?  So I did.

Camp Mighty brings together a group of people looking to re-connect with the things that inspire or excite them.  Perhaps they are blocked, perhaps they are just starting out and need encouragement or advice, perhaps they are just three friends looking for an excuse to get away.  I might have fallen into the last category.  There was a philanthropical component which delighted me - we raised over $20k for Charity:  which is enough to buy a well and bring fresh, clean water to a whole community.  That kind of thing makes me heart happy.

One of the other things I loved about this camp was their motto - you do you.  Come to the sessions or don't. Eat with your assigned teams or with your friends if you prefer.  Sleep late, lie by the pool and only show up for the parties if that's what you like.  I did a mixture of all of the above.
The main party was space themed - ET and I rocked it.

Being away with a bunch of (mostly) women and strangers affords me many opportunities - introspection, extroversion, immaturity, relaxation and laughter.  Laughing so hard that your ribs hurt the next day. Pee in your pants silliness.  Gossip, support, overindulgence.  Inspiration, talent envy, swimsuit body envy, acceptance.

Women feeling free of the need to conform to media stereotypes are so beautiful.  A myriad of shapes and sizes, fashion preferences, hair types and styles, tattoos and piercings, baby bellies, gray hair and weathered skin.  All stunning in their own way when lit by their inner glow.

So I may have smelled different but I came home feeling more connected to me than ever before.
Feeling ready to load and unload the dishwasher over and over.  Ready to pack lunches, do laundry without a sense of drudgery and to write and explore some new avenues.  Camp really should be required.  So here's my take away - you do you.


  1. sounds wonderful! I think I need to look into this!! xo

  2. What? No mention of sasquatch?

    "All stunning in their own way when lit by their inner glow." - yes! I could have used a couple more days and some more caramel popcorn.

  3. I am so glad you had a good experience! Sounds the anti-BlogHer.


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