Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peter and the Starcatcher.

I love the theatre.  The deep red, lush curtain which hides the promise of an hour or two of delightful distraction from the everyday.  The buzz and hum of the audience as they arrive.  The fresh smell of people wearing their finery.  I am pre-disposed to like what I see, I am already in a good mood.

Theatre is fickle though, it can rob you of your good mood within minutes - if the production disappoints.  Not so with Peter and the Starcatcher.  If you go to the theatre regularly then it's hard to be surprised, you most likely will have seen a similar production, familiar music, sets or costumes.  So, if that's your experience run, don't walk, to the box office for tickets. It is the most innovative, clever and refreshing show I have seen in a long time.  It's staging is stark (think Rent) with intermittent bursts of  bright color and dazzling costumes. It has a small cast, with only one woman but each cast member packs an individual punch and the music although sparse, is good.  The percussion was particularly entertaining.

We went on Friday night with my ten year old.  She loved it but I would say that ten is the minimum age.  Not because of any inappropriate content - just simply because of the fast paced dialogue.  A younger child will have a hard time following and will likely get bored.

I knew nothing about the story but it is the prequel to Peter Pan - a beloved story in our home.  It has that perfect Broadway balance of story, surprise, laughter, ham and happy ending.  The Curran is a cozy theatre so it's hard to get a bad seat.  Treat yourself to a little SHNSF inspiration......

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  1. Fun! I was wondering about this for my (now) 10yo.... just saw the commercial for it the other night...


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