Monday, October 14, 2013


Thanks to everyone who donated!  The ten year old and I did a few good deeds in return for a donation but several of you gave just because - great cause.  We have contributed to an overall goal of $20k being raised by Camp Mighty attendees.  Not too late to donate - see my Fundrazr button in the right hand column.    Thank you!

Hi Joy Latimer!

Thank you for your donation to Go Mighty .'s campaign

We've seen the amazing impact that water has on people's lives 
and we can't thank you enough for your contribution.
Over the next 18 months, you'll learn more about how 
your donation is helping change lives, 
and when the projects are completed, 
you'll get an online report including photos and GPS.

Many companies match their employee's donations; 

all you have to do is ask. See how you can 
double or triple your impact.
Want to start your own campaign and help bring clean water 
to those in need? 
Visit to get started now.

- the charity: water team
100% of your donation will directly fund 
water project costs in the field, 
and you'll receive a formal tax receipt 
from charity: water within 24 hours.

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