Monday, December 20, 2010

Dwell With Dignity.

Claudia of Claudia Clobes Interiors is sponsoring a blog mash up to support this inspiring organization - Dwell With Dignity.

The season of over indulgence is upon us and I wanted to find some opportunities to give.
Dwell With Dignity caught my eye.

The challenge was to answer the question,

"My Childhood Bedroom Was...."

Who could resist a trip down memory lane while drawing attention to a good cause?

My Childhood Bedroom was cold.
We had no heating upstairs. In the winter I could snap icicles of the inside of my window.
My sister and I sucked them like popsicles.

It was also pink. And orange. It was the 70's.
I don't have pictures but the wall paper was a lot like this;

Not too bad as a swatch. Now imagine it floor to ceiling on all sides with clashing bedding and curtains.
It was 70's gawdy.

I even had a completely clashing stuffed rhinoceros - not unlike this one - on my bed. Why??

I shared a room with my sister who around age 12 could take it no more.
So we had a room makeover.
All of a sudden we had a pretty room. The headache inducing color clash was gone.
Instead we had contrasting Laura Ashley wallpaper.

It was pretty, sophisticated and girlie.
Then in what could only be described as a Granny Moment, I decided I wanted a rocking chair and china doll for Christmas.
I pictured myself sitting in it - reading.
I think I was old before my years - I should have just got an afghan blanket, some knitting and a membership to AARP and been done with it.

I was nine - I thought it was sophisticated.

If I had to choose between having that rhino or rocking horse now (I have the china doll) I think I'd choose Humphry.
Again, why??
Well, he was very good for a cuddle.

I hope you'll stop by Dwell With Dignity's website.

I also hope you'll stop by my fellow blog mashers.
They all have design websites so you are guaranteed more beauty than you found here.
Still, it was for a good cause.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of the 70's wallpaper. Glad that fad is gone. If I remember correctly, mine was yellow, bright green and brown flowers... awful! Dwell With Dignity sounds great, off to check it out! Happy Holidays to you!!


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