Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa's Little Helpers.

Santa comes to our house. Each year the husband and I are his helpers.
We get a sitter and head out.

This year it was an EPIC FAIL.

First of all the main toy shop we planned to go to was closed.
Closed at 6pm, two weeks before Christmas.
I was surprised.

So, we went to the big box toy shop instead.
They carried everything we wanted but were out of stock of everything. we. wanted.

I found myself a little tearful.
My vision was of two parents having a festive shopping evening - maybe stopping for a class of wine.

We decided to drive ten miles to our last hope shop.
I had checked their website and it said at least one of the things we wanted was in store.
Nope. No. It wasn't.

So now we are down our babysitting dollars, a half tank of gas, have not had any dinner never mind a festive beverage, I am tearful and disappointed and Santa's sack is empty.

We decided to accept defeat and head home.
I am an advocate of shopping locally, supporting small business and living in the town where you live.

But, in the end, I assisted Santa at 11pm, from the comfort of my couch with a glass of wine and the assistance of Amazon.com.
They had everything on the wish list, shipped it for free and it will be here in two days.

Sometimes being a parent means compromise.


  1. Cheers! Santa should do it himself if he can do it better! Love Amelie

  2. We had the same story at our house. I am glad you at least got to enjoy your glass of wine!


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