Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Grinch in Disguise.

This Santa thing is tricky.
The seven year old is beginning to ask questions but for the most part is still a dreamer and believer.

Still, we put a bit more effort in this year.
Separate paper for Santa.
Different gift tags for Santa written in a foreign hand.

Presents well hidden.
Three so well hidden that I can't actually find them!
I have 48 hours so keep your fingers crossed.

Today we did our last trip to the shops.
The girls wanted to pop in and see Santa before he heads out and I had a few last minute things to get.

In one store they had a rack of stocking stuffers. As I looked for a gift for the husband the girls busied themselves there.
I heard a lady say,
"Here you go Sweetie - this is for you."
Mommy radar up - I turn around to see a woman hand the two year old a toy from the rack.
It's cute, it lights up and flashes.
The two year old now believes it's hers.

I decide to wait it out - she'll put it down.
Nope. She is still clinging to it delightedly ten minutes later.

"Time to go" I say "Let's go put that back."

"No it's mine - the lady gave it to me."
I try to explain that the lady was just showing it to her and that it wasn't bought for her.

The tears flow.
The lady in question is still in the store and comes back over.
"I'm sorry, I think I may have caused that." She laments.

To the two year old she says,
"Honey, I need that to put in my son's stocking - can you give it back to me?"
Erm - not helping.

The two year old is now indignant. Why is the lady taking back a gift to give to someone else?
Enter sister of the lady, who states loudly,

"Why did you say that?"
(My question exactly.)
"Now you've told her that parents fill the stocking not Santa!"

The seven year old looks at me.

Are these ladies The Grinch in disguise?
I look around for a spade to hand them so they can dig themselves a bigger hole.
It could be funny - as each thing they say only continues to make the situation worse - but this is serious stuff when you are seven and two.

"Oh Santa leaves our presents under our tree, not in our stockings!"
I say emphatically or perhaps pleadingly.
The seven year nods with what I fear is a look of relief on her face.
There will be questions later.

We need to get out of there before the two crazy ladies start on The Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny.
I remove the toy from the fierce grip of the two year old and we leave the store in a hail of screaming and tears.
Thankfully two year olds are easily distracted and I am staying home from now until Christmas morning.

Wishing those of you who celebrate it, a wonderfully Happy Christmas!

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  1. Why do some people do this? They make the life of parents so difficult!
    Merry Christmas!
    Love Amelie


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