Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't Drink The Water.

Our deepest fear as parents is that something will be wrong with our children.
It can be a gut wrenching fear.

That fear has been unfounded for me.
I have two healthy, happy girls.

The seven year old has fluorosis.
It's not a a disabling or life threatening illness or condition but I find myself feeling quite devastated.

It effects her teeth.
They have flecking and are much more vulnerable to cavities.
She is likely to have dental issues for her whole life.
It is untreatable.

In the grand scale of things - not a big deal.
So why am I so upset?

Fluorisis is caused by too much flouride.
I had read about the over use of flouride in our systems when I was pregnant.
I did my research.
I went out of my way to buy flouride free toothpaste.
We spent the extra dollars on organics.

In vain.

Now with this diagnosis I find out that this is becoming a huge issue in American children.
Flourosis has been found in 30% of children in recent studies.
It's an emerging problem and already it is showing up in studies at 30%.

The seven year old's case is very mild.
If you want to really scare yourself Google it. The pictures are horrendous.

I am suspicious of GMO's, pesticide use and heavily processed food.
I am informed.
Yet, my child has been poisoned. By the water supply.
By food that is made with flouride heavy water.
Different states have different regulations - some use much more flouride in their water supplies than others.
I feel cheated, frustrated and guilty.

I am quite sure that at some point in the future the decision to put fluoride in our water will be reversed or at the very least greatly reduced. Too late for my child.

Had to share.


  1. Ugh. ugh. ugh. I am so sorry. And I feel like an idiot because I've never heard of this, and though I buy everything that I can organic, and fresh, I've never given a thought to my kids having too much fluoride. I hope her case continues to be mild, and even disappear. Miracles do happen. I had a condition during my first pregnancy, I won't even name it, that was HORRENDOUS. I was afraid to tell people (who didn't see me naked - ie my husband and doctors) because I knew they would google it and be grossed out by the google images. So, I won't be googling this, but I did click on the wiki entry.

    Even though it was a sad post, I'm glad you wrote it. You're such a great writer, and even though we've only ever hung out in person once, and too briefly, I feel like I'm getting to know you better and better, and really hope that you're planning on attending BlogHer 11 in San Diego. Are you? I am. Kid-free, husband-free, and probably 3 nights of freedom in CA! So freaking excited.

  2. I can't stop thinking about what you wrote. I can't get over the fact that the drinking water at your place is causing this to your child. Why don't they change it??? It's ridiculous. You try to do all the good things for your kid and because of decisions your state makes your child gets this!
    Lots of love Amelie


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