Friday, November 5, 2010

Death By Crayon.

I don't much like macabre. I'm more the fluffy bunny type.
It's why our Halloween costumes bear no relevance to Halloween.

Our decorations are also jolly. Pumpkins, owls, cute scarecrow etc.
I only ever carve a happy face on my pumpkin.
You might say I'm a softy.

At school pick up the other day, the seven year brought me her Halloween work to take home.
She showed it to me with great pride and enthusiasm.

She loves working with beeswax and creates the most fabulous little scenes.
She had also drawn some pictures which had been on the wall.
A bat, a pumpkin - you get the idea.

Actually, let me show you:

It's so cute! Look at that witches hat - the detail. The bat is also really great - she cut it out herself.
I'm really impressed.
Then look at the gravestone.
Wait, it's a little out of the shot.
Here you go:

What in the HECK????

RIP Mom. I am so not OK with that.

Apparently, all the other kids did one with their own name on it but she wanted to do something 'special' for me.

My only consolation is the date of death 7100.
I have a while.


  1. I am shaking with laughter. Out of the mouths of babes!

  2. First off, that IS some really nice art work. And secondly I am so sorry for your (and I do mean YOUR loss- ha ha), but hey she made you a snazzy lookin' gravestone. LOL.


    This was so funny and cute. Stopping by from SITS.

  3. I've been having a rough couple of weeks with lots of overtime, but I just checked in here and read this post and burst out laughing (I'm sure my staff think there is something seriously wrong with me).

    Thank you for this and to the 7 year old...perfect timing. (and 7100 is really good.)

  4. OMG I am literally laughing in my boots. Hysterical!!!


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