Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Too Early.

'It's too early' seems to be my war cry.

At 5.50am when the two year old decides to get up for the day.
When the seven year old wants to get her ears pierced or wear crop tops.

When we go to the Mall on the 14th of November and Santa is there.
Really?! Santa in mid-November?

Who do I write too to get this madness stopped?
Santa should NOT be allowed until December 1st at the very earliest.
As I remember, last year the Christmas music, decorations etc. all started the day after Thanksgiving.
Why the two week leap?

I am well aware that these decisions are driven by consumerism but do none of the people who make these decisions have children?
Do they not know that we now have to listen to Santa chatter for a full six weeks until the big day?

What if you don't celebrate Christmas - it really must feel like indoctrination.

As it was even the seven year old agreed. She was speechless when Santa asked her what she was hoping for.
When I asked her if she was shy - she told me that she was simply not ready.
Really - if a seven year old thinks it's too early - that's all we need to know.

The two year old ran up to Santa with great excitement and then put on the brakes about two feet from his boots exclaiming
"No want Santa!"

That makes about 300 million of us sweetpea.


  1. No kidding. The Christmas aisle in Walgreens was up the day after Hallowe'en. Auuugggghhhhh!

  2. I totaly relate to this; when summer is ending the christmas-ornaments are appearing in the shops! WHY??? It's so funny even your kids seem to think it's too early for santa!!
    Love Amelie

  3. I know. Our grocery had Christmas candy up the day after Halloween - ARGH!!!!


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