Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Not Me - It's You.

"What In The Heck?! " is the two year old's favorite phrase.
Usually stated very LOUDLY

I blame the seven year old.

I may have to take responsibility for "Great, that's just great" - who knew two year olds could pull off sarcasm?

Here's the thing about kids. They are always getting you in trouble.

"What in the heck!" from the mouth of a two year old is apparently unacceptable.
Frankly, considering what she might say I was pretty happy with heck.

I feel the scorn of Joe Public when she lets it fly at the store etc.

She is such a minx.

I think I'm going to take the power back. Next time she lets 'heck' fly in public I'm going to state loudly,

"Oh that's awful - using language like that, shocking!"

If I wear my best angelic smile maybe I can deflect the blame.
She said it after all - why am I taking the heat?

Deflection Parenting - my new approach.

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