Monday, July 19, 2010

Pot Luck.

They say kids are expensive. I think they might be right.

In an homage to my home country - I am a frugal girl.
Wasting food is one of my biggest pet peeves.

So, imagine my delight this morning when I discovered the freezer door had been left open overnight and I now have about $200 worth of freezer mulch.

Aaaaaagh. I bet they could hear me all the way back in Scotland.

My plans for today are now scrapped as I have to cook all day. I hope to rescue as much of the contents as possible.
It may mean a few crazy meals but I simply cannot just throw it all out.

I have already had to throw away a quart of ice cream and an unopened box of popsicles. It caused me physical pain.

After my initial hysteria passed I began to look for the culprit.
My first accusation was thrown in the Husbands direction.
He made a solid rebuttal.

Then I remembered that the two year old has been sucking on teething rings.
She's not teething, she just likes the cold. (She has had a fever.)

I go and check and sure enough there under her crib is the ring.
My fabulously independent little two year old,taurean must have gone and got it herself.
I think the contents of her piggy bank may have a new home.

I am reminded of the time her sister cost me $170 at Target. (Reminisce with me here.)


Come on over - I have dinner for sixty.


  1. How very independent of her to get the ring herself! What time is dinner on? Hope you are going to redeposit some of that cooked up food back in your newly cold again freezer! :-)


  2. I'll be right over! (I hope you took the money out of her piggy bank) ;)

  3. Turns out I libeled poor two year old - the fridge/freezer packed up altogether yesterday :0)

  4. I'm having so much fun reading your posts. You are hysterical!


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