Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spending A Penny.

I think I have may have bad mummy karma to pay off.
I can't catch a break. The baby has another fever.
I though it was just her second tooth breaking but she's clearly not well - congested, floopy (still wondering if I made that word up?) not her bright eyed, jolly self.
I clocked about 50 mins of sleep last night. The six year old never likes to miss out on the fun so she got up in the one post tylenol period of baby sleeping. She had some dramatic malady to report. It's amazing that a band aid applied anywhere can make a child feel better. I'm considering two over her eyes and one for her mouth......

I like to try and see the comedy of the situation. I don't live in Iran so I try to keep some perspective. It's just hard to be amused sometimes. I tried to think back to when the six year old was little and sick and how things always got better.
It reminded me of when the six year old was three. She had been quite ill for some time and we were supposed to quarantine her. No parks, no play dates etc.
It was really difficult to keep her occupied - so we went to Target for the day.

We spent an hour or so trying on accessories, then moved to clothes. We were in the middle of toilet training so we made regular pit stops. We then went to have lunch. After lunch we moved to the toy dept. Then I remembered she wasn't really supposed to be around kids and things kids touch so we moved to the gardening dept.
As you can imagine this was a tough sell. Toys have so much more appeal than gardening gloves. I was trying so hard to make it fun but the three year old was unimpressed. Then I saw these cute little kid cabana's for the garden. I put one on the floor and she crawled right in.

She starting peeking through the windows and was delighted. I added some kiddie tools and some kiddie shoes and gloves so she could garden at her new house. They had plastic plates and cups so we added those for a tea party. Brilliant! She was so happy, I was sure we could stretch an hour out of this. Then she peed. In the cabana.
Pee being pee ran everywhere soaking the cute little gloves and shoes. Coating the tools and tea set. I had no idea what to do. I grabbed a towel from the adjoining beach section and mopped it all up.

It slowly dawned on me that I would have to buy everything.
It was a $170 pee.
It was money we didn't have to I cleaned the floor of that Cabana with clorox and returned it. Maybe that's why I have bad karma.......

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