Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have been a parent for over seven years. If I was working at any other job for seven years I think I'd be good at it. Well experienced.
Why does that not translate to parenting?

The two year old has been a nightmare for the past two days. Fully two.
Throwing herself on the ground and tantruming. Not eating any food I prepare but complaining of being hungry.
Shouting, hitting - the whole nine yards.
It has been difficult. So tiring.
I have not been patient. I have shouted.

I have not felt good about my parenting.

Today we noticed she was hot.
Guess what - she has a fever. Now that I know this -I realize she has had an intermittent cough. She has not had her usual energy and obviously - no appetite.

Why didn't I notice? I've done this before.
She was acting so out of character.

I gave her time outs. I shouted.

Uuuggh. I feel awful.

That's it - no punchline.
I just needed to confess.


  1. Don't feel so bad. It happens. I didn't know my son had flat feet until he was 8 and started in a little football league. He couldn't do the 3-point stance properly. Of course, my main blame for that goes to the pediatrician because I had asked them for 8 years, "why does he walk on his toes when he's barefoot?". The reply would be, "He'll grow out of it" or "it's normal". I should have pressed the issue. He's 20 now and none the worse for wear! : )

  2. Please don't beat yourself up. You didn't know. You. did. not. know. If you had any, any idea that she was sick, you would have immediately taken care of it. And you did.

    Just two weeks ago, I forced my tearful 9 y/o to finish cleaning the patio doors. I thought he was being lazy. 20 minutes later, he was super-sick. And I felt as bad as you do.


  3. Don't feel bad. It's never until the fever hits that you can look back and add everything up. But now, you know, so she should be back to her ornery 2 year old self in no time!

  4. Don't feel bad these things happen.

  5. I feel better now - I've done exactly the same thing you did! (stopping by from SITS)

  6. I shout A LOT!!!! My poor kids. The oldes and the youngest have learned to stay out of the way...the middle one, not so much.


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