Monday, July 12, 2010

Dairy Diary.

Ahh.. Summer.
Warm weather, beach days, pool parties and BBQ's.
Late nights and lazy days.

Unless you are a parent.

Then you are either juggling a crazy camp schedule or you are praying that
school will call and tell you they have decided to start classes next week.

Actually, it's been pretty great so far. We have had some really lovely days and not too many
that seem to have lasted 72 hours.

I have discovered that ice cream is the cure all. I can get away with a very dull day full of chores
if there's an ice cream pay off.
If I allow rainbow sherbet I could probably have them clean the bathrooms.

I have been innovative (thanks to Google) in finding new places to indulge in our daily dairy.
The kids continue to look at me as if I am the messiah when I take them to yet another
place we have never been to before.

Inevitably, one day we ran out of time and options.
When we got home the realization dawned on the girls. No ice cream.
Tears fell.
I have been called Hard Hearted Hannah before but these sad faces won me over.

"Don't worry girls we can have it here."

I quickly pull out a tub of Strawberry Haagen Dazs and serve two generous bowls.
The two year looks at me in awe.

"Where get ice cream?"

"In the freezer sweetie"

The look that she gives me conveys delight and disbelief.
As if to say, you can get ice cream at home??

I can't believe that this is the first time I have served her ice cream at home. Really?
I believe we now need a padlock for the freezer...


  1. I have never seen Sweetpea as delighted as when we brought home a box of cones last week. To make our own ice cream cones at home???? Bliss to a six year old.

  2. Stopping by from SITS! What a sweetie! Who knew ice cream could come from the freezer! My mom still has me when she makes home made ice cream at home. I'm a sucker for it.


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