Saturday, June 26, 2010


The seven year old is into playing tricks. I am not.
Most of the time I can just plaster a surprised look on my face and say,
"You tricked me!"
She doesn't seem to notice my patronizing tone.

It usually involves her passing me any small white object - a piece of popcorn, a stone and shouting "My tooth fell out!"
Quite frankly it's very boring.
I am not amused.

Still, I do my motherly duty and look surprised even when she does it five times in a twenty minute car ride.
Just to challenge my patience, if we happen to be doing carpool - her friends will usually have a turn too.
(A testament to my fabulous acting I believe.)

I have gently encouraged my little trickster to change her repertoire but the lost tooth is her thing.
So, imagine how downright stupid I felt when she actually got me with it.
We were in Mexico.
It is an important side note that I am not a fan of using medical facilities when we are abroad.

We were sitting around the table eating lunch.
With poker faces the seven year old and the husband set up their 'trick'.
Unbeknown to me,they had earlier found a tooth shaped shell on the beach.
When I am busy with the baby they put ketchup all over the husbands mouth.
He yells out and spits the shell onto the plate "My tooth!"

It is no exaggeration to say I almost fainted.
In the 2 maybe 3 seconds it takes them to burst out laughing,
I have imagined us in a tin roofed hospital with the husband having oral surgery without anesthesia.
In a Medivac helicopter on our way back to the States and my favorite - me married to a man with
a gaping whole in the front of his mouth.

I believe that might be karma.


  1. hahahaha! this is absolutely brilliant!

  2. Hilarious. And my kid loves that game too. What is it with the same game over and over?? I'm sure I never did that when I was a kid...


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