Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Early Morning Glee.

An earthquake woke me up yesterday morning.
That was surreal enough but it was immediately followed by this:

The seven year old repeatedly singing a love song from The Music Man in a pitch high enough to attract bats
and with enough dramatic emphasis to give Lea Michele a run for her money.

Musicals are her new obsession. She changes outfit for each song to emphasize the character she is portraying.
Her room is a huge pile of discarded outfits.

Her little sidekick, naturally wants in on this.
She gamely enters the scene about halfway through each song having just completed her outfit change.

It's very cute - but not before 11am.

I have tried to explain the concept of matinee and evening performance but my little thespians are undeterred.
I set up an audience of dolls and stuffies. I know - it was never going to work - but at the time I was hopeful.
I have enthusiastically talked up the whole theatre experience and how we need posters and tickets.
Which, co-incidentally involve quiet drawing time. Not interested.
This is not a back stage or front of house girl.

I too, spent hours in front of the mirror with a hairbrush belting out songs from Fiddler on The Roof, Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat and Grease.
I know that it is my genetics that are responsible here.

I remember thinking that my parents were not as enthusiastic as they might be watching my multiple performances.
So, I am trying to be attentive while all the while my inner voice is screaming,
"Are you kidding me - it's 7am and I haven't even had a cup of tea yet!"

She doesn't even know that Glee exists yet.
I'm thinking ear plugs are in my future.

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  1. HEE! Video please!

    My daughter is only two (and speech delayed)and tries to sing along with any song that she finds appealing. So far its still cute.


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