Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's A Wonderful World.

Billy Connolly tells a great story.
He took his two children back to see his homeland (Scotland) one summer.
He was very excited about showing them the land he loved.

He took them to ancient castles. Showed them breathtakingly beautiful beaches.
Took them to see the streets he played on as a child.
It was a trip full of history and nostalgia.
He hoped it would be full of lifetime memories for his children.

On their flight back to LA he asked them to name their favorite part of the trip.
They cheerfully agreed it was watching a DVD in the car on one of their longer rides.

We just had a similar experience.
We went to the Sierras for a few days.
It was gorgeous.
We stayed in a very simple cabin in the woods.

There was a meadow filled with lupins.
Snow on the peaks despite glorious sunshine.
A stream full of fish.
Stars for miles.

I talked enthusiastically about pioneers.
How the view of the mountains and meadow we were looking at now was how the first European settlers would have experienced America.
I enthused about the joy of simplicity.
How nature provides us with wonderful, fun toys.

There was no argument. Both girls returned my enthusiasm.
They played with rocks, feathers and logs.
They made wildflower bouquets.
They had fun packed days, filled with adventure and excitement.

So I had to ask the question.
Apparently the thing that was most memorable was a machine at the reception lodge that dispensed five fruit shaped candies for 25 cents.



  1. Hi stopping by from SITS. Isn't that the way with kids? SO cute. We have gone to the Sierras many times with our boys, both eastern and western sides. They are both grown and home for the summer from college and both still want to go back. I bet yours will feel the same someday. :) xoxo

  2. Took six year old to Traintown last week with three of her buddies, and her favourite part of the day was ... yes... watching Nanny McPhee in the car on the way home.

    Ungrateful wretches.


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