Saturday, June 19, 2010

That's You Told.

As we all know, one of the great joys of being a parent is that you get to do things with your kids that you did as a kid.
Better yet is that fact that you are now the boss so you can have the ice cream AND the popsicle. You can get something from the toy shop and it can cost more than a dollar.

It's great. (Well most of the time.)
Another perk - that I absolutely did not anticipate is that watching my kids at play makes me feel more normal.
I wasn't feeling particularly abnormal.
I just have quite a few "is it just me?' moments.
My kids by doing just their regular every day things, show me that no - it isn't just me.

In particular, I remember things I did as a kid that I was teased about or embarrassed by. Some of them have followed me into adult hood and I have continued to be embarrassed by my apparent stupidity or naivety.

No more!
My kids do it too.
Now a statistician may want to question the size of my study population but I am convinced that this is evidence that it's just a kid thing.
I am going to choose to ignore the fact that there are genetics involved.

For example:
When I was learning to read and write I frequently wrote words backwards.
It was a big deal. My teacher sent a note home about it.
Well, let me tell you Mrs Sutherland - my kid is doing it and her teacher says it's perfectly, developmentally normal. Ha!

She too writes yoj.
The fact that I wrote my name backwards was deeply troubling to the adults around me when I was seven (as I remember it) but I now know they were all mistaken because my super intelligent kid does it too.

It only took thirty (something) years, nine long months of pregnancy, a shockingly painful and long labor and delivery and seven years of careful parenting to prove that point.
I for one am extremely satisfied.


  1. Your school has a LOT to answer for....

  2. I don't think I ever wrote backwards. Hmm, does that make me abnormal?


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