Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Favorite Animal is a Liger.

We went to the zoo today.
It was a day full of golden moments.

The two year old squealed and pointed, with delight, at various animals.
Like seagulls and a passing squirrel.

We watched several animals poop -
very exciting if you're under ten.
(Although I'll admit a giraffe pooping is entertaining.)

We ate food that makes Mickey D's look gourmet.
We raced a peacock.
Just your regular family fun day out to the zoo.

I do have one question though.
What happens to the IQ of a parent when they enter the zoo?

I watched what appeared to be an educated, intelligent mom confidently identify a great, big lion as a tiger.
(Don't ask me how I ascertained her mental capacity.)
This was no slip of the tongue. She told her child in detail about tigers as she stared at an enormous lion with an out of control mane.

Later I heard parents confuse a kudu with a baby giraffe (Google images can help you out here.)
A warthog with a rhino. (Yes really.)

I would be willing to allow for sleep deprivation but these were parents of kids not babies.
I know we don't get to go on safari as much as we used to now that we're parents but a warthog and a rhino - come on.

I propose that zoos hand out an idiots guide to zoo animals at the gate.
That way we can appear our usual intelligent selves.
That way, grad school educated moms who have had a full eight hours sleep will never confuse their big cats again.....


  1. bahahahhaahhahha!!! that is hilarious!! and my husband and I always quote the line "my favourite animal is a liger"

  2. it must be very expensive to feed a liger :)


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