Monday, May 3, 2010

Keeping Mum.

If you've been paying attention - you already know that I believe in telling the truth when it comes to parenting.
Most of the time.

I am willing to limit the disclosure when I see the deer in the headlights look.
When a new parent is hopelessly sleep deprived, telling a little lie is the right thing to do.

Yesterday we went for a family bike ride. We have been trying to ride more and drive less.
It was a really warm evening so we rode to the ice cream shop.

Sitting outside the ice cream shop were brand new parents.
Their 17 day old baby cooing away in her stroller.
Their pride and delight was palpable.

The baby started to fuss so her dad picked her up and headed our way.
We chatted - I asked about the baby. So sweet and soooo little.

"Are you getting any sleep?" I ask.

"Oh yes - loads" he enthuses.
"She's so great, she sleeps through the night, we are so happy - she's just a great sleeper and we're just not going to have sleep deprivation!"

What do I do?

She's 17 days old. By my calculations they have about 10 days until the 'new' newborn sleep pattern wears off.
Do I warn him?

I know that it's possible that this baby will sleep ten hours a night until she's sixteen but it's not likely.

Do I let him stay in his little bubble or is it kinder to warn him?
I can do it gently - I don't want to scare him but I feel he should know so he can make the most of this little honeymoon.

In the end I decide to mind my own business.
Therapy dollars paying off there.

I choose to enjoy my ice cream and the sun on my skin and let them have their own experience as it comes.
If I keep this up I may need a new blog premise.


  1. I think you were right to let them it enjoy it while they can.

  2. Wise decision! It's those warm fuzzy memories that will sustain them when sleepless nights don't. I'm still trying to learn that just because I have great wisdom and knowledge doesn't mean I have to share it with everyone. Duct tape helps:) LOL


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