Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The baby is TWO!

Do I have to stop calling her the baby?

I will be making the cupcakes for her party at 7 am.
I would never have imagined I would be putting cupcakes and 7 am in the same sentence.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo her party will involve Mariachi (a CD not a live band.)
In honor of her British heritage we will play pass the parcel (updated to include a prize for each child.)
In honor of her love of sugar there will be cake with strawberry cream cheese icing (yum!)

At night the husband and I will continue our tradition of having champagne while watching video from the birth.

I will be back with a regular post tomorrow.


  1. Happy birthday and nope, toddler is the term now. Though I call my Duo "young men in the making".


  2. She'll always be the baby. Happy Birthday Little Sweets!


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