Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding Time.

Parenting has changed many, many things about me.
One of them is a love of the early hours.

I should clarify.
I do not love getting up early with my kids. I think it is a cruel twist of fate that babies and kids wake as early as 5.30am.
I do not like being woken every day in life about an hour earlier than I would like.

What I love is the new window of free time I have discovered in the early hours.
The seven year old gets on the school bus at 7.30am.
The two year old stays home with the husband until I get back.

I had a lightbulb moment that I didn't have to get back right away.
Here, in this little window of time, is my early morning nirvana.
Coffee shops are open, food markets are open, drug stores are open.
They are also relatively empty.

It is my new favorite time of the day.
Hmmm - my other favorite time is just after the kids are in bed - what does that say about me as a parent?!

If you are a parent you will already know the joy of doing the food shop alone. Try doing it when there are only about five other people in the store. Bliss.
Browsing through the products with a cup of delicious coffee sets me up for a day with a two year old.

The weather is often enchanting at this time of day - not too hot but warm and still.
Birds are chirping, roads are quiet - it really is a glorious time.
I have sat in the park and just relished the quiet.
I have read my email in peace and had time to reply.
I have shopped, browsed and drunk a full cup of coffee while it is hot.

It made me realize that this is what parenting is about.
Finding the moments to re-charge.
Taking time where you can.
Even if it is at 7.30am.

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