Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick the Groundhog Day.

I hate to be Grinchly but seriously my day is packed with far too many things as it is.
Leprechaun houses and the required treat is the straw on my camel back.

It doesn't help that I NEVER remember about this aspect of St. Paddy's Day until it's too late to do anything other than panic.
St. Patrick's Day could be confused with Groundhog Day around here.
Remember this.

Spookily, the baby is teething again, so we are a little sleep deprived.
Oh wait - I just described the first 30 months of parenthood.
This has nothing to do with old Saint Pat this is just how it feels when there is something extra.
It could be any of the holidays, vacation planning, a birthday.

it just tips the scale.
Sometimes in a really enjoyable way and sometimes in a if I have to do one more thing today I will lose my mind way.
I think you can tell I am now looking for my mind.

The seven year gets an old box, draws a shamrock on it and put a crayon in it.
The crayon is a gift for the leprechaun "so he can draw rainbows."
It took her under three minutes.

I, however will have to do dinner, bath and bedtime, laundry, tidy up, dinner for me and then work on finding an appropriate treat.

I feel bad that she is really excited. She has gone to bed with great anticipation.
I feel only pressure and drudgery. What's wrong with that picture?

In my defense - we had a very unexpected (corn on the cob related) tooth fairy visit this week already - I am out of emergency treat ideas. Do I need a defense? That judge and jury exist only in my mind - which is missing, so who cares what it thinks?

Of course, I found a treat. The seven year old was delighted.
I just need an attitude adjustment or a spa day.


  1. I've never even heard of this before? Mmmmm..... is this a super common tradition????

  2. I had never heard of this before you wrote about it last year, and Sweetpea has *still* never heard of it thankfully. It's those marketing wacks out there, trying to drive all the mommies psycho.


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