Saturday, March 20, 2010

While The Cat Is Away.

The husband is away at a stag weekend.
I was looking forward to a girlie girl weekend.

I knew the girls would really miss daddy so I planned a bunch of fun things.
I wanted to it to be a real bonding time and opportunity to show the seven year old how strong and independent women can be.

You know there's a BUT coming....

But then the baby got sick. She spiked a fever of 101.8 approximately three hours after the husband left.
(Don't tell me it wasn't intentional.)
She was feverish all night long. Crying, coughing - miserable.
I brought her in with me. This calmed her down and at 3am we finally settled into sleep.
Until - she fell out of the bed. Not injured but very startled, she wailed.
Then started coughing uncontrollably which distressed her so much she vomited.

The commotion woke the seven year old.
So there we were at 5am, three to a bed trying to get back to sleep.

Not a great start to the weekend.
The baby is too sick to do anything other than cling to me and eat tylenol.
I am bleary eyed.

If I could get my hands on Murphy I would be happy to show him what I think of his Law.

A friend takes the seven year old for a play date.
Thank goodness for friends.
The baby gratefully returns to bed (hers this time.)

I mope around feeling frustration, fatigue and disappointment.
I can blame all this on the husband right?

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  1. Oh wow. How sucky. And I've been there. I hope you all are feeling better and yes, blame the husband.


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