Monday, January 11, 2010

Woe Is Me.

Two things:

I have a mouth full of novocaine and feel very sorry for myself.
So I'm taking a sick day.

The six year old was the only kid in a two piece at the swim party.

I thought you might enjoy that piece of information since you couldn't see my face at the time.

See you tomorrow...


  1. Is that a bad thing?? Not the Novocaine..the bathing suit?

  2. The swimsuit? Oh dear. LOL.

    The novocaine? You poor thing - that's something that even chocolate can't fix.

  3. Are you equating yourself to a puffy-faced rodent? Oh dear, it must be bad....

    And I bet she strutted that two-piece like nobody's business, right?

  4. If being the only one in a 2-piece is the worst that happened, you're doing just fine!!! Get better soon!


  5. Lol! Of course she was! Hugs that you feel better!

  6. the last time i had a mouth full of novocaine, i couldn't stop talking. and that's because i was also full of the "laughing gas".


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