Friday, January 8, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny.

I'm having a hard time with letting go of the baby inside my six (almost seven) year old.
She is at that turning point. She has started to notice the world outside of unicorns, gnomes and fairies.

After our New Year swim - she pointed out to me that she was the only girl in the pool in a swimsuit. All the other girls had bikinis. It's true - they did. Actually she had a cover up suit on - you know the kind that are SPF wear.
I am admittedly Victorian Mom about this. I would like to say it's because I think sunburned skin on a kid is a crime (it is) but really I just think a little girl in a bikini is too much.

I am aware that I a heavily outnumbered in this belief but as I am (constantly) telling the six year old - "Different families have different rules."
I am also aware that if you push something too far - you can create a monster.

This weekend she has a swim party.
She began the bikini campaign as soon as the invitation dropped into the mail box.

I am not easily swayed from my principles but I can see this has nothing
to do with being sexy for her. She just wants to fit in. Sigh.
The husband and I discuss it and decide it's time.

After school we head to the store. In my mind I'm still hoping she'll see a suit she loves and choose that. Yes - I can hear you scoffing but let a girl dream.

As soon as she sees the bikinis she is squealing with delight.

"Can I get one Mama pleeeeeze?"

I will admit that it did give me some joy to say yes.

I see trouble. She likes the ones with rhinestones that say 'Swim Babe' across the butt. Really.
We rule it out.
I veto the next five picks but she's so happy to be getting one, she doesn't care.

Then I have my little triumph. I spot a Tankini.
"How about this?" I say as casually as I can.
"I like it!" she says.

We pick out three tankinis and head to the fitting room.
Fifteen minutes and much parading later - we have our pick.
I feel really happy with the compromise and the six year old has a grin you could land a jetliner on.

I am heady with success until I spot the baby. She has pulled a bikini off the rack and has a death grip on it. oh dear.....


  1. That was a close one! Great story, and way to compromise!! You got lucky with that one, haha!

  2. Kudos to you for finding a nice balance! (and just an aside - did it REALLY say "swim babe" on a six year old size bikini?!?!? That should not be acceptable!)


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