Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Highs and Lows.

Perhaps inspired by Balloon Boys antics the baby created her own stunt yesterday.
It involved her 'high chair.'
It would more appropriately called a 'low chair.' It's one of those chairs with a tray but no legs. Much more stable and safe - unless you put it on a table....

The baby is impatient. She asks for food (by shouting NAK!) loudly at me but does not like to sit in her high/low chair to wait for it. So there I was in the kitchen making the NAK!
The baby decided to mix things up and climb into her high/low chair by herself. Unfortunately it was in the high position ie: on a table. Also unfortunately, she declined to tell me of her intentions.

I heard a loud CRACK as the tray snapped off. I turned round to see the cause of the CRACK to see my sweet baby girl rag doll through the air. She had been standing on the tray. As a final insult she came down head first.

The worst part was the shock. She was so shocked. There was the terrible silence before the scream - it seemed to last for several minutes. She kept looking to me as if for an explanation of what just happened. She clung to me - as I watched an enormous purple bump rise on her forehead.

Then she got very quiet and sleepy. Uh oh. I see the ER in my future.
As I snuggle her and tickle her to keep her awake, I can see myself waiting outside her room at the hospital as the social worker comes to talk to me about putting highchairs on the table. Sigh.

Hindsight is so frustrating. I know I shouldn't put the chair on the table but my back asks me to. I need my back, I like to keep it happy. So I put the chair at eye level. I should say - I USED to put the chair at eye level. My back will have to suck it up from now on.

In the end the baby stopped exhibiting signs of concussion so I managed to avoid the chat with the social worker. Phew.
The bubble wrap hat looks really cute too.


  1. What a rare and wonderful pair of gifts you have: the honesty to relate mishaps exactly as they happen, and the skill to record the incidents so well that your readers can visualize the mayhem, feeling their own tears well up.

  2. The silent before the scream. Possibly the most heartbreaking moment in time, huh?

    Happy SITS day.


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