Monday, October 19, 2009

Balloon Boy.

Have you noticed that when you become a parent you become more emotional?
If a news story involves kids or even puppies or kittens I am glued to the TV to see the outcome.

So, it should not surprise you that I was completely fished in by balloon boy. I sat in front of my TV consumed by hope for a happy ending for the best part of an hour. As the balloon slowly drifted back to the earth, I was literally on my knees, tears streaming down my face, praying that that little boy would be OK.

When it all turned out to be a giant hoax - how did I feel? Relieved.
I did not feel angry, ripped off or duped.
Then the storm hit. The insults started flying. I have to be honest it made me sad.
The Black Eyed Peas said it best - where is the love?
What happened to compassion?

The way I see it - these people really need help.
They have lost all perspective. They're not bad or evil. They're not a**holes or morons. They are misguided, confused, maybe desperate.

Parenting changes us. It makes us feel things deeply. We would do ANYTHING for our children and I think sometimes it leads us to missteps.
Sure they wasted an enormous amount of police time - they should have to compensate for that, no question.
Do we really all need to be slinging insults at them?

I'm thinking that at times I have done things that I am really glad happened privately.
I have made mistakes in parenting that I really regret. Now I know they invited the publicity they got but to me, that just shows how lost they are.

When did mud slinging ever work?
When you make a mistake don't you just want a hug?
Don't you already know you're getting it wrong and what you really want is help not a lecture?

It just all goes back to the same issue. We're tired, we're cranky, we're over emotional. Let's try hugging it out.

This message was brought to you by an over-tired and emotional mom.
You know where to send the hugs.
Thank you.


  1. I have known previously pacifist people who without hesitation say they would kill in defense of their child. That impulse to do the best we can for our kids is strong. However, it doesn't mean that we always show good judgement in our choices. At the same time, we want to judge others for *their* choices as a parent. Indeed, where is the compassion and tolerance? Protecting our kids is the number one priority but the lack of tolerance, especially when the media is involved, is a sad commentary on our society. Let's help or educate, or heck, even let the justice system handle the issue, but can't we all strive for a level of understanding?

    Maybe I'm naive.

  2. I wish I could have felt relieved. Of course I was happy the kiddo wasn't in that balloon. When it landed, I was literally crying and gasping - watching with horror to see them pull a boy out of that balloon. I was watching it up in the air, picturing him cold, getting thrown around inside the bottom of the balloon. As a mother I was terrified.

    When it turned out to be a hoax, I was angry. I just felt completely taken advantage of. Played. But I have no desire to actually take that anger out at the family. They have enough crazy to deal with.

    Happy Sits Day! :)


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