Sunday, September 20, 2009

Perfect Ten.

The six year old lost her sixth tooth. She now has that classic gap in the front and an entirely delightful lisp to match. Since we have lost all six teeth in a fairly short period of time - the silver dollar has lost it's edge. Not helped by the fact that there are many, much more creative Tooth Fairies depositing treasures at her class mates pillows.

Admittedly, I am much less excited by the whole thing too. The novelty is gone and it has become a bit of a chore to assist the fairy. So, it is with that in mind that at 11pm at night I suddenly realize we need a treasure. Aaagh.

The husband and I begin the hunt and quickly find we must be very tired as we are considering our wine cork, a button and some old stickers as possibilities.

Then I have my moment of genius! I have foreign coins from our various travels. I find the little bag I keep them in and we start to look through.
Vive la France! The 10 franc coin is beautiful AND has a fairy on it. It might be an angel - who cares - it's an ethereal type figure with wings. On either side of the fairy are the letters RF - for Royal Fairy (obviously.) It's gold and silver and has pretty edging. I am ecstatic.

The six year old is pretty impressed too. Not so much by the fairy but by the 10.
"Mom - I got ten whole dollars!"
Oh dear - yet again - my genius is flawed.

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  1. Your genius is not flawed if they're happy. Sweetpea gets two coins for each tooth and has no idea (yet) if they are dimes or quarters or dollars. I love the idea of finding something unique from another country!


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