Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten Year Plan.

The husband and I went away this weekend. We went to a wedding in the most gorgeous beach side setting. We were kidless for 27 hours. (Not that I was counting.)

It involved a three hour drive, each way. That's six hours of OUR music choices and six hours of question free conversation. Take a moment to absorb the beauty of that.
Six hours.

After a dinner we didn't have to share, eat in 15 minutes or do a bathroom run in the middle of, we went to our hotel. Actually first we walked on a starlit beach. The only sounds were crashing waves.
Then we had TEN, count them, TEN hours of uninterrupted sleep. It makes me a little tearful to recall it. I haven't had a sleep like that for seven years.

The wedding itself was also kid free. We only had to think of ourselves. We drank our cocktails, ate a delicious meal and danced. We were at tables of eight. We talked about......our kids.

It's sad, pathetic even but it seems unavoidable. In the same way that attending a wedding makes you think and talk about yours, being without the kids made us want to talk about them. It was not entirely our fault, people asked us about them. Things reminded us of them - like the ocean, the dessert and all the pretty dresses.
"The six year old would have loved this beach, a cupcake, a dress like that.."

It's my goal, which I hope to achieve in the next ten years, to go away without my kids and not miss them, talk about them, show complete strangers their pictures or count down the hours until I see them again. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. The night away sounds like the perfect antidote to the daily grind of being a mommy. The 10 hours of sleep alone sound idyllic. sigh....

    (and thanks for the shout out, my friend!)

  2. Sounds blissful. And not to be a naysayer, but I don't think the part about going away and not missing them is going to happen for a long while yet... You know that whole attachment thing? Well, it's not just the kids who get attached :-)

  3. Hi from SITS. I'm not a mom so I don't know what that's like but it sounds to me like it was just what you needed!

  4. Popping over from SITS roll call to visit.

    Sounds like a marvelous kid free time! We may love our children but sometimes it's nice to go back and revisit the "how we were before" times.


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