Thursday, September 17, 2009

Talk Show.

The baby is talking!
Seemingly overnight she has twenty new words. I am so proud.
I am proud in a way only a mother could be proud.

Why is a mother's pride different? It's simple.
If you were in my house today - you would say that the baby is very talkative,
chatty even but you certainly wouldn't hear any English.
You would hear babble.

I hear Hug (ug), Shoes (oooze), Hat (at), Book (ook), Milk (naa naa) OK even I know that one is a stretch. To me it is genius. To me she is verbose, articulate and easy to understand.
I am surprised when I have to interpret for friends.
What's confusing about "Momo?" (more.)

In the same way that some scribbles on paper is the most beautiful art you have ever seen. The way that a poop IN the potty is medal worthy. My baby's utterings are poetry or maybe a haiku.

Sweet little voice trying hard,
No volume control,
Best sound that was ever made.

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  1. How about "NAK!"?
    She's quite obviously a brilliant child. But then again, so is her mother.


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