Thursday, September 3, 2009

It Begins.

I knew this - I just had to learn it.

All the excitement about shopping for back to school clothes and shoes. The special trip to the fabric store to choose fabric for the clothes bag for the cubbie and a pillow case for story time.
The hours spent sewing as I volunteered to make 26 beanbags as well as the clothes bag and a pillow case.

The labeling of every item that goes or may go to school with name tags or initials.
The new lunch box lovingly packed with nutritious yet delicious food and snacks. (Labeled.)

The long bath and early bed the night before, with extra long story and re-assuring words and cuddles.

The calm but enthusiastic face greeting her in the morning, helping her into her specially chosen outfit.
The cheerful goodbye when it is finally time to go into class.

None of it was really for her.
My baby went to First Grade.


  1. The whole school thing is way more momentous than I ever expected. Congratulations Mummy!

  2. Nice pic. So baby was just fine and Mommy was verklempt? Or did baby pick up some of the anxiety by transference?

  3. Congratulations! My "baby" went into 1st grade this year as well. Where has the time gone eh?


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