Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dinosaur Jnr.

The baby is part pterodactyl. Thankfully she still only has two front teeth (and bizarrely, all of her molars) so it's more of a noise thing. She emits a squawk that is ear splitting. It is almost always instantly followed by a NO!

When the six year old was a baby I followed the philosophy of never using the word No! with her, so she wouldn't use it back. I said No! but just in different ways.
It was really effective - I lived a No! free existence for about three years.

The baby is the second kid so she has heard No! from birth.
I am reaping what I have sowed. Sigh.
It's quite the oxymoron to ask your baby to do something then have the sweetest little face, in the cutest little outfit walk up to you, kiss you, then deposit food in your hair, shout NO! and runaway.
The good part is that I am a second time mom so I don't really mind (notice.)

Yesterday we were at the store. It's a smaller chain of markets and they hide a stuffed toy in the store for kids to find - genius!
While we were looking for Larry the Llama I actually got to put things in the cart.
Once located - you report the location to an employee who gives you a treat.
Usually the treat is pirate booty, popcorn or a fruit strip. Yesterday it was a lollipop.

"Would your sister like one?" the lady said sweetly.
"Oh no" I say, "She's just a baby."
I am drowned out by the pterodactyl shouting "NAK!" and clambering out of the cart in the direction of the lollipop.

Sugar was offered in the form of fruit or yogurt only, until the six year old was about three. What's a mom to do? I don't have a tempting alternative with me and it is clear from the look on the baby's face that nothing is coming between her and that lolly. Strike two.

Strike three comes in the form of a cupcake. The six year old has a birthday party invite. It's at the beach so the baby and I keep busy while the six year olds do their thing. At cake time - the mom has very thoughtfully made extra. The baby is presented with a lemon cupcake with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. Oh boy.

It may be projection but I'm pretty sure I can see glee in those 16 month old eyes as she realizes that yet again she has scored a second kid triumph.
So three strikes - I'm out. I'm thinking that if No! and some sugar are my biggest problems today - we're doing alright.

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