Monday, August 31, 2009

Come Listen To a Story.

The six year old finally lost her front tooth. It was a long process. You may remember it was kicked loose back in June. It re-settled back into her gum for a while but has been wiggly ever since.

In the last week it got very wiggly - I was sure each morning that today would be the day. Each night - it would still be there.
Finally, one morning it was hanging by a thread and the six year old announced she would like it pulled out.

We assembled Orajel for anaesthesia, ice for numbing, tissues for any blood, the camera, a towel, a stuffy to cuddle. Ready.
We tugged, twisted and hauled. The tooth stayed put.

The six year was undaunted but the husband and I felt nauseous so we took a break.
The tooth dangled.
It made it hard for the six year old to eat - so I made 'cob on the corn' to kill two birds with one stone. The tooth remained.

It was still there TWO days later. By now it hung so low, when she smiled it sat on the outside of her bottom lip - she looked like a cast member of The Beverly Hillbillies. People were staring. Children were recoiling - afraid of the child pirate before them.

We got out our tooth removal kit again and hauled. The tooth stayed firm. HOW?
It could swivel 360. By now even the six year old was over it. I called the dentist to have it removed. Less than five minutes later the six year old strolls by with a huge gap front and center.
"Where is your tooth?!"
I thought it had been swallowed and she hadn't noticed.
"Oh, it came out. Can we go to the park?"

Just like that the four day drama was over and the tooth was nestled under a pillow awaiting the tooth fairy.

p.s. My apologies to those who now have The Beverly Hillbillies theme tune stuck in their heads....

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  1. Just stopping in from SITS to say HI! We had the same scenario with one of my teeth as a babe...then I lost it in a sonic burger. Gross, I know.

    Happy Tuesday! Come over and check out my "5 DAYS OF GIVE-A-WAYS"!


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