Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From the Sublime...

In between the golden moments are the flat out ridiculous moments of parenting.
As with all things because we had a lot of golden moments in the past few days - the ridiculous had to have it's say too.

I am not a Catholic but I can see the appeal of confession. I am going to take this opportunity to use this as my confessional. These are the moments that made me question my ability and sanity - this week.

The baby fell - flat on her face - giving herself a bloody nose.
A baby with a bloody nose is a tragedy. I took a photo just so I could feel guilty about it for a long time.

The six year old cried at camp because she missed me and wanted to come home. They didn't call me so I had a 20 minute car ride home filled with gut churning questions like:
"Didn't you want to have me at home?"

The baby pooped in the bath. The six year old was also in there at the time. The resulting hysteria may mean we have to redecorate that particular bathroom.

The baby hit the six year old with a hammer. It was a wooden hammer but the six year old was unimpressed. How do you explain to a one year old that it hurts, without letting the six year old reciprocate? Maybe I should pull out the bloody nose picture?

On the upside - the baby has decided to eat. Anything and everything - so we might just ace our weight check today. She is however having the MMR. I can't put into words what that does to my heart, mind and stomach.

In other news we have a new swimming pool in our yard. Not the pretty tiled kind you can swim in. The burst pipe, dig up your yard to repair kind.
Click on my ads - I have a huge repair and water bill to pay!

I also want to say thanks for all the votes. I made it into the top twenty. Pretty good for a little ole blog like mine. It was the most hotly contested category.
You put a smile on my face - Thank You!

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