Friday, July 10, 2009


Well not quite - but the one year old aced her weight check!! I am so grateful. Maybe now I can stop treating her like a turkey in October. She also handled her MMR with grace which was a huge relief.

We celebrated by going to a local kids museum. It's a great place, loads to do for kiddies and split into different age areas. We were having a ball in the tot spot.

Enter no-discipline kid. I think you know I'm trying to practice tolerance. I know that different is not wrong and that people do the best that they can. I do however have absolutely ZERO tolerance for this.....

Cute little boy, maybe three, enters the tot spot and heads for the water play area where we are. He immediately gathers up all the toy fish and frogs (maybe 20 of each) and takes them to a corner for himself. The other kids stare looking confused then start to ask (or cry) for 'their' toy back.

Cute little boy's mom (on the phone): "Honey, give those back."
Cute little boy: "No, mine"
Cute little boy's mom: "Honey, you have to share."
Cute little boy: "No."
Cute little boy's mom: "Just give them one each."
Cute little boy: "No."
Cute little boy's mom: "OK, honey but that's not nice."

There are not enough emoticons for me to describe my reaction.
I am incredulous but keep my opinions to myself. I walk over and collect a few fish and frogs and distribute them.
Cute little boy immediately runs over and starts collecting them up again. Each parent now comments that their child would like to play with them. This as you can imagine is ignored. When he comes over to us he looks me straight in the eye, picks up the frog the one year old has and throws it.

Cute little boy's mom: "Hurricane (you couldn't make this stuff up) share the toys.
Hurricane: "They are babies - they don't need them."

He now starts throwing the toys everywhere including over the fence. Picks up the aprons and dumps them in the water and then runs around frantically, startling the babies.

Completely irresponsible little boy's mom (still on the phone): "Hurricane (what an advert for self fulfilling prophecy) pick those up."
Really annoying little boy: "I don't have to."
Setting herself up for disaster mom: "Let's go to another area and you can have your candy."
Cute little boy who's going to have lots of problems later in life: "OK but I want my candy NOW - give it to me."
Are you kidding me mom: "OK honey."

I know I should have compassion for her but really it just made my blood boil.
I was really proud of myself for not commenting, other than in my head.
Instead I have decided to tell the world (that's right people I have readers on three continents!) about her failure here - much more appropriate don't you think?


  1. I'm completely flabbergasted. I don't think I would've had your self control.

  2. I have SO often held my tongue in these situations. As my teaching buddies and I used to say: You have to get a license to fish, but any fool can have a child.

    Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!


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