Monday, July 6, 2009


Are national holidays for parents or kids? I mean isn't every day a holiday for a kid? Holidays are for those that work right?
Why is it then that our traditions involve so much sugar and excitement that our kids are even more time consuming than usual?

Looking back over this past weekend I can see where we might have gone wrong. We went to a fair where the six year old slid, spun and squealed herself into a frenzy. The one year old was slack jawed at the lights, noise and cute animals to terrorize.

I had a very overdue promise for a mommy and me date with the six year old so I took her back to the fair at night to do yet more rides and then watch the fireworks. We stayed out until 11pm. It was my idea. I bought her cotton candy.

The next day was the actual fourth, so we watched a parade, went to a swim party and then stayed up late (again) for fireworks. This time the one year old stayed up too. She had declined to take her nap - maybe because we were at a parade? We decided that since she was already wired, why not let her watch fireworks.
We had ice cream while we waited for the show to start.

I don't necessarily regret my choices. It was a weekend filled with golden moments. Snuggling with my big girl on a blanket watching the sky light up was delicious (and not just because of the cotton candy.)
Listening to the one year old ooh and aah and then clap with delight during her outing was yummy. It's what childhood is made of. It's why I became a parent - to get to do it again.

So, why is it that the pay off is that the husband and I are completely and utterly knackered? Happy but knackered. When will our children equate staying up late with sleeping late. If someone could just work out how to add triptaphen to cotton candy and ice cream - we'd be all set. In the meantime - you might just find the husband and I napping under our desks.

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  1. I've gotta say that my daughter gets her cotton candy once a year at the county fair (and maybe once at a baseball game if she's lucky), and I eat it right along with her, even as I question my sanity in having bought it for her, even as our fingers turn blue. What is it with the cotton candy?? Why is it so gooooood?


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