Sunday, July 12, 2009


I'm taking the kids camping. Me, by myself. No husband. If you're the kind of mom who does this all the time - feel free to scoff. For me, this is a big deal.
I'm definitely a 'can do' kind of girl. My inner princess is usually repressed so it's not the packing, tent set up, etc that intimidates me.

It's just that when I'm camping I just want to sit by a river or sit by the fire making S'mores. You will see the theme here - sitting. Camping makes me feel lazy.
Camping with a baby is anything but lazy. The six year old is easy. Everything about camping thrills her. She can amuse herself with dirt and sticks for hours. Cooking on the cute little stove, making her camp bed, even getting sun block on is just much more fun if you're in or near a tent.

Baby is a whole different story. Being so close to the ground she has a special relationship with bugs, trash, dropped food - nothing is off limits. You can't gate the forest. So turn my back for 30 secs and she's off.
If baby cries in the night - the whole camp ground hears it and how do you get everyone else to be quiet for nap time?

So, why am I doing it?
Because - snuggling in a tent under the stars, exploring the world without the distraction of toys or TV, eating al fresco and roasting marshmallows by a fire are simply the best times you can have with your kids.

We'll have a S'more for you.


  1. I love that you are doing this! Enjoy and have the best time!

    I'm craving some s'mores now! (and have you ever tried with nutella??)

  2. Mmmmmmm Nutella.
    Off to store now....

  3. OMG....people LEAVE when we show up camping. Seriously. We get dirty looks in the AM. Jasper cries all night wanting to nurse. My 6 year old wants a bath. My 4 year old wants to go outside. I can sympathize. For my youngest we went when he was 10 months old. We brought LOTS of toys for him, and it went fine. A jogging stroller to get him to shut the hell up, er I mean fall asleep in. Board games for the 5 and 3 year old at the time. It will go great! The first night is ALWAYS the hardest - after that you will do great! We are going again next week for 7 days. I will be toasting a beer in your honor - you will have fun. I promise :)

  4. I'm very impressed. Have a lovely time.

  5. Can't wait to read about it after the fact :-)


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