Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

The husband is a keeper. He works hard so I can stay at home with our gorgeous girls. He can fix anything - even invisible little girl owies. He is a story teller, a musician and all around funster.
We're lucky to have him.

The six year old came up with her own plan to honor him today. I am still a little teary at the cuteness of it.
"Mama, on Daddy's day I want to cycle with Daddy to the coffee shop and you'll give me money and I want to buy him his coffee, OK?"
The image of her proudly ordering his coffee and paying for it is just so delicious.
The one year old and I are going to take the car down there and hide in a corner to watch it transpire. (We have permission from the six year old as long as I don't interfere with the ordering!)

I'm just hoping she'll also want to cook the Father's Day dinner and do the Father's Day dishes.

To all the Dad's - I'm wishing a beautiful day for you and yours.


  1. Sweet! Did your 6 year old do it? What a great kid! Any photographic evidence? I just love evidence :) Hope your day was great!

  2. She did do it - I missed it and any photo op as the baby napped long so they had to go without us. (Just as well she's cute.)
    The report was that it was 'a golden moment.'

  3. Golden it was. The fumbling of a pink shoulder purse and the site of that little hand holding 'monies' up over the high counter to pay for our drinks - (chocolate milk and a latte) was just too much. We than discovered that 'change', the money you get back during one of these fiscal transactions, was an altogether new and wonderful experience. "You mean they give you more money back Dada ??" - yes sweetie they do, it's called change.
    I didn't have the heart to dig into the details.
    Suffice to say today is ingrained in my heart forever and will be recalled regularly throughout the teenage years ahead . . .

  4. Very very cool. Isn't it cool how kids can surprise us just when we think we couldn't be surprised at anything anymore? Thats truly cool...(My 6 year old daughter has a Starbucks card with $10 on it, and once a week she and I go out for a drink - I am not sure she would know what to do with her change if she were to get any!) :)


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