Friday, June 19, 2009

Live Your Grail!

I am either a really selfish mother or a really wise mother. I think you could look at it both ways. I'm going to choose to look through the wise tinted glasses.
As I think I have previously said (many, many times) I've been feeling worn out.

I do love to complain but I also know that complaining has an expiration date so I decided it was time for action. I'll also admit that I was given more than a gentle shove by some lovely friends. They offered help, in the form of free babysitting. God bless them, I would have said yes anyway but FREE - I'm Scottish - it's my favorite word.

It also happened to be our wedding anniversary. (Fifteen years - where did the time go?) The husband who clearly borrowed my wise tinted glasses bought tickets to a Broadway show. We arranged for the kids to go for a sleepover. I was beyond excited at the thought of a night out with a long lie in the morning.

Cue drama. The baby spiked a 103 degree fever. She was miserable, floopy (is that a word?) and refusing to eat.
The right thing to do is cancel the night out and give the tickets to my friends without kids who can go out with an hours notice.
You guessed it - we went anyway. We dumped our kids on the world's best (and bravest) friend and ran.
I had to. Really. I needed that night off.

It turned out to be the right decision. The baby cut a tooth. I would have missed Spamalot and 10 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep for a teeny tiny tooth.
For now - I'm looking on the bright side of life. (Dee dum dee dum dee dum dee dum)


  1. Yeah! Good for you! Glad you went. It sounds like you needed a night off.


  2. Thanks Sue. I love reading your supportive comments!

  3. Your mommy instinct is right on! Probably easier with the second one. Sounds like a great night. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Hey thanks. I love reading your blog. Not sure how "positive" my comments are some days. I guess it just depends on the day ;)


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