Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mommy Blog Smackdown!

So, if you are a mommy blog follower you may know there is a little controversy building.
It could turn into Blog Wars - I will freely admit to a little tingle in my drama bone.
It seems there are two camps - the 'blogger purists' and the 'sell outs.'

The blogger purists believe that mommy blogs are to build community. A place for support, advice and wisdom. A place to air your grievances, confess your parental sins and laugh at the crazy situations you find yourself in. Excellent - I agree. That's my camp.

The sell outs are using their blogs to make money. They have advertising, giveaways (which are secretly promotions) and may even sell stuff. Uh-oh.

I have blogger confusion.

I think the purists will place me firmly in the sell out group. I do have advertising (feel free to click!) I am hoping to have a little income. It's not for shoes and pedicures. OK, well I might get a pedicure now and then and I did get shoes recently but am I supposed to go barefoot and snaggle toed because I have a blog?

I do want community. I would love advice - funny, friendly, supportive advice only please - I'm sensitive. I do confess my sins here. I also want to pay the bills and stay home with my baby. Where's the harm? You don't have to use my advertising (but I highly recommend that you do.) No one is forcing you to use my Amazon link or tune in next week for a really great giveaway from KidsKonserve. Sure KidsKonserve is a company run by a friend of mine but she's a mom and their products are great and save trees - so that makes it OK right?

My blog entertains - I think. I hope it has some value. I need a new group. A bigger, all encompassing box to fit in. The Purist Sell Bloggers, hmmm. The Pure Out Bloggers - might be misleading.
I think I'll settle for The First Amendment, Can't We All Just Get Along Bloggers - catchy.


  1. I say just do your witty, clever thing that builds community and helps other mamas feel like there's someone out there who's going through the same stuff, and hang the critics. No one's forcing a finger to push and click on an add. People can ignore 'em if they want. It's not like they're flashing in front of my face (or were you going to start that??? :-)
    By the way, happy birthday to the little one.

  2. It's evolution - I have to do what the pixels tell me :0)
    Thanks for the B'Day wishes.

  3. Oh please - vive la difference! Do your thang!


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