Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Baby Is One!

My gorgeous little girl (can you tell she's been sleeping well?) is ONE today.
I'm really aware of second kid syndrome. She hasn't had a party, her gifts from us are hand me downs and we have no real plans today. The six year old and I do plan to make cupcakes after school but that's about it.

What I really feel is relief. We made it. Survived the first year. The thing that I remember most is that it was fun. Much more relaxed than my first, first year with a baby. Easier. I am relieved that we have done it and most likely won't do it again. I feel our family is complete. I have my wonderful, sweet, funny, beautiful girls and I feel full up.

Perhaps that's why we don't need hoopla. We are already full. I realize that second kid syndrome is a gift. A gift of calm, peaceful gratitude.
Today we can just enjoy - the gift of one healthy year. Sleepless but healthy!
Life is good.

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  1. All is just as it should be. Happy Birthday sweet little Miss P. Now get to sleep!


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