Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miss America!

The six year old has aspirations of fame. We've always known it. I think it started when she was one and a half and walked in her local Halloween parade. It was about half a mile and she was a ladybug. One and a half - not long walking and she toddled the whole way doing a pageant wave with a big smile on her face. She stopped and posed for photos and I think we even heard her saying something about wanting world peace...

Yesterday she walked over a mile in a Memorial Day Parade. Bear in mind that she has been sick - out of school for two days (send Valium please) and really lethargic. When she woke I tentatively mentioned the parade and asked if she wanted to go? She was up and in her fanciest dress before I could finish my sentence. We'll take that as a yes.

She has never seen a pageant and as we are not big TV or movie watchers, has not been exposed much to the world of Disney Princesses. Where did she get that wave? I think it's in her genes. She does it instinctively. So despite her previous malady - she pranced over a mile with a regal smile and the ever present parade wave. As her proud parent - I, of course, found it adorable. Let's hope she does not want to get into pageants - I would be the most annoying pageant mom imaginable.

Just to complete the picture - the one year decided to get in on the act. (I'm telling you it's genetics.) At first she was in her stroller, we thought a bit overwhelmed by the crowds, but then she demanded to get out. Next she grabbed for something to wave and before we knew it she too was smiling and waving for the crowd.
I wonder if Miss America has ever had bagpipe playing as the winning talent?


  1. Is it the queenly rotation of the wrist kind of wave or the extended arm pageant-style fingers hinged from the knuckle kind of wave?


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