Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Not Over 'til it's Over.

Turns out that the pink eye was the trailer.
The feature was much longer and filled with drama.
In some ways it was a classic. It started late at night and ran long.

I'm being really flippant - it was one of the most scary moments of my parenting life. The six year old woke up at 11pm with difficulty breathing.
It was heartbreaking - as she struggled to breath all she could think about was that she would miss the May Festival at her school the next day.
It threw me back to my childhood and how I always seemed to get sick before a vacation or big event. It was devastating to know that you'd be stuck at home throwing up in a bowl while all your friends were having the best time.
I couldn't look her in the eye when she asked if she could still go.

It seemed like a really ridiculous situation. We were sitting in the bathroom with the shower on - breathing the hot steamy air. I'm trying to tell funny stories to distract her and work in ways to take big, deep breaths. She, between struggling to get a breath, is pleading to go to her festival, asking for ice cream and lecturing me about wasting water!

We managed to get her breathing well again. We had gone from full panic and thinking about calling 911 to lying back in bed reading stories in under an hour.
As you could have predicted when we finally got everything calm with the six year old and crawled into bed - cue the baby. At least she only wanted some milk and a cuddle.
Where do I get mine?

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  1. ((((HUGS))))))
    Sorry to hear of the six year old's breathing dilemma! I go through that every time my five year old gets sick due to her history of asthma! It's frightening and I always freak out, checking to make sure she is breathing normally! Hope she feels better soon!


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