Thursday, May 28, 2009

Losing It.

May I digress?

What is up with the new Cottonelle Ad?
You know the one - very cute lab puppy at the spa.
That's right - I said puppy at the spa. That alone is enough to be concerned about but the puppy gives a running commentary on what he's doing. Why am I upset?
Well firstly, why does the damn puppy get to go to the spa and I don't?
The real clincher is that the puppy, at one point says, "looking sexy."

Sexy?? It's a puppy - advertising toilet paper.

Maybe I'm cranky. The kids have been sick - did I mention that?
The one year old never likes to miss out on anything so she joined her sister in sick-ville on Sunday night. A baby with a blocked nose is a very sad thing indeed.
A baby with a fever and a blocked nose is sadder than a very sad thing indeed.
A mummy with two sick kids and very little sleep is sadder than - well you get the picture.

So last night the husband went out to play guitar - his stress reliever and I sat down to watch Wipeout. Watching people bounce off big foam balls into mud seems to be my stress reliever - sad but true. I was highly entertained until the commercials came on - reducing me to a crazy lady. There I was ranting about sexy puppies, spa's and the asinine (pun intended) nature of TV.
The great thing about sleep deprivation and parent fatigue is that I'm easily distracted so the next segment of Wipeout and a cup of tea had me calm again.

What's my point? I'm not entirely sure - I just needed to share.
It's cheaper than therapy.


  1. I don't know what in blazes you're talking about, but I agree that a spa day should be a priority for you SOON. (Hope the kids are on the mend! And thus, you too....)

  2. Great post. And while this is the first time I have commented on your blog, I am an avid reader!

    P.s. I hate advertising. Except the eTrade baby stuff... that's genius.

  3. Gotta love Tivo. Haven't watched a commercial in awhile. Hope the girls feel better soon (all of them!) You need a stress reliever night out. I'm thinking something that involves a margarita!

  4. This post has me cracking up- we are going to have a BLAST at SITScation in Vegas- I look forward to meeting you there!!!!



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