Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday, the six year old announced she wanted a haircut. A 'Bob' to be precise.
As it seems my entire role in life is to do the bidding of the six year old, I dutifully made an appointment. Not at the local Panda Room (kids haircuts and lollipops) but at "a proper salon Mama."

Watching my little girl sitting in a salon chatting with her stylist about her desired 'look' was both cute and terrifying.
She suddenly looked sixteen not six and was so clearly delighted with the whole experience. I had to leave the room to get 'something' out of my eye.

The end result was gorgeous. A perfect balance of little girl with a hint of style.
Her curls all lay on the floor and I had to whisk one away in my wallet.
She was so delighted with the whole experience and had a definite spring in her step as we left. We paused at every shop window to check she was still cute and she couldn't wait to get home to spend a solid hour looking in the mirror.

This morning I was woken by a whisper in my ear at 6.20am, "Is it still cute Mama?"
I'm not sure she noticed that I didn't even open my eyes as I declared her hair still fabulous. Oh goodness - she's turning into a teenager before my (closed) eyes.

Later as we got ready to go out I asked her to get her brush so I could help her with her hair "NO MAMA!"
"Why not sweetie?"
"You'll brush the short out and I don't want it long again."
Ahhh - still six after all.


  1. I will eagerly await a photo in my inbox. That is sweet and terrifying at the same time (six vs. sixteen).

  2. My favorite entry to date! Tears and laughter! Hope you are all well and happy!


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