Monday, April 27, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Have Fun.

The Gods of parenting are not hedonists.
One night out. Our first in at least three months that was purely pleasure related and we are still paying the price. The eleven month obviously decided we were never coming back. She will only sleep with one eye open now and when I say 'sleep' I use the term loosely. I will not mention guilt but you get the picture.
The six year old wants us to re-enact the entire movie and evenings events for her endlessly. Fun for the first say, fifteen times.
I hope when you see 'Up' your consequences are not so far reaching. Still, we did have a great time and I did look like "a beautiful princess mummy." Shame the flip side is that I now look like a haggard old crone.

I'm not complaining, Ok I am, but why is the price so high? Trust me, I am fully aware of how lucky I am to be a mom (That's another more gritty blog.) I know that it's about sacrifice - but really. ONE night out. Too much to ask? Where am I going wrong? I'm actually asking. If you get to go out and don't pay for it for days - can you throw me a rope please.

They're in it together too. They've resorted to the old tag teaming trick. The six year old was caught sneaking up to the crib to "check if she's OK." We had a long discussion about why 'poking' might not be the best way to do this. I think kids have some kind of allergic reaction when they see a sleeping parent. Actually, the husband and I have tested my 'mommy spirit level' theory many times.
Picture peacefully sleeping baby, as soon as mommy goes horizontal - guess what?
Where do I send the complaint letter?


  1. I had the discussion with my little honey this morning. It went like this. "When Mommy and Daddy are sleeping, you are NOT ALLOWED to wake us up. Understood? Good." I think now she finally gets it. :-)
    Somehow we manage to go out and not suffer repercussions. I think it usually involves a special cookie she only gets at Grammy and Grampy's house, and major doses of black tea the next day...

  2. We had that conversation here's how it went.
    6.06am "Mummy, when is it I can come in?"


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