Friday, April 24, 2009

It's The Little Things.

In the parallel universe of parenthood, things others may take for granted are bold and beautiful. Today was a perfect example of this for me.
I spent this morning in the six year old's classroom. (Not wearing a floor length dress.) It was a delight on so many levels. Watching twenty two earnest kindergarteners play and learn together was sweet and cute and inspiring. If that hadn't been re-juvenating enough the teacher's assistant brought me coffee and a freshly baked muffin mid-morning and a delicious chicken salad at lunchtime. Heaven. Someone is serving me food and looking after me and I'm not paying for either a restaurant or a babysitter. For a full-time mom life just doesn't get any better.

But then it did. Two of my sweet friends offered to look after my kids for a few hours this afternoon so I could do some last minute special event preparation.
The joy of shopping alone cannot be explained to anyone who is not a parent.
Perusing the racks with no purpose other than to peruse can honestly feel like two weeks in Hawaii.
I achieved more in those two hours than I often achieve in two days. I got everything I went out for. Not just most things and a plan to get the rest tomorrow. Everything.

I picked up the girls and they were happy and tired. We came home they ate heartily and went to bed early.
Wait a minute - am I dreaming?

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