Monday, April 13, 2009

There's No Place Like Home.

It is good to be home. No matter how fun a trip is - your own bed and bathroom is a slice of heaven.
The kids seem to agree. I've had more sleep in the past 48 hours than I had for the past three weeks combined.

Jet lag is a funny thing though. I've been waking in the dark confused as to where I am. I actually managed to spook myself last night. I woke and the shadows in the room seemed to have some significance. I gave myself a stiff talking to about monsters under the bed and drifted back to sleep. I awoke again and heard something next to me. Startled - I turned to look and there next to the bed was a witch. Black cape, pointed hat and all - standing, silently staring at me. I yelped - waking the baby and the husband. The witch said "Good morning Mama."
We are yet to ascertain why of all her dress up, she missed her witch costume so much but apparently she did.

The 11 month old seems very happy to see her own crib and some of her toys. Perhaps a bath in your own kitchen sink is really better. Either way my guilt over the disruption travel caused her is easing.

The six year old's room looks like a tornado came through. Her delight at re-discovering her things is very sweet.
Her accent has immediately turned stateside again. Some odd (and funny) exceptions have had the husband and I giggling. Yesterday she asked "Daddy, is my mother's father asleep now?"
"Do you mean Grandad sweetie?"
"Well of course."
Presumably, we will be back to 'dude' and 'awesome' within a day or so.
I wonder what British-isms she's sharing back at school today.
I anticipate a call from her teacher.
Next trip we're going camping no more than 20 miles from home.


  1. I just chuckled my way through this one. I remember that complete discombobulation from jetlag - waking up wondering not only where am I, but WHO am I!?

    Welcome back, my friend!

  2. That was very sweet and just in time to remind me that my DD is dressing up for a Halloween party in her class tomorrow. I really need to go to sleep and will probably dream of her in her good witch costume that she wore last year.


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