Thursday, April 9, 2009

When In Rome

We are back in London - land of ancient history, gorgeous buildings and fantastic public transport. Unless you are travelling with a stroller and suitcases.
I do not know how Londoners with kids do it. Using the underground is one of the most stressful things I've done since I had children. Didn't help we got on at Kings Cross at rush hour - must complain to the trip planner...

The six year old is now affecting an English accent again after being firmly in 'BraveHeart' mode for the past ten days. She is very interested in the fact that there are actual princesses here and has many questions related to the royals. Our favorite so far is, "Mummy, how many houses do the Queen and Prince Charming have?"

The 11 month old has decided this is an ideal time to learn to walk. We knew there must have been some reason she slept for her first ten hour stretch in over a month. Not to worry - we fly back in two days so we can start the jet lag fun all over again. Yipee.

I was warned by many wiser ex-pat parents that travelling with an infant is VERY difficult but I, in true parent style, decided it would be different for us. You can now all shout "I told you so" very loudly at the computer. Actually - it's been fine for her, I just resemble a bag lady and the husband is now completely gray.
Still, it was worth it. The grandparent grandchild relationship is such a special one and the haggis was fantastic.
See you stateside!

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  1. But really now, was the haggis fantastic? Really?


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